Month: July 2023

  • Our thoughts on regulations

    Our thoughts on regulations

    Regulation is a big and challenging topic in crypto these days. Looking at the latest court decisions and transcripts in the US, one could conclude that regulators and courts have held varying opinions about what crypto assets are and how they should be regulated at different times. Thus, we can expect that regulations may continue…

  • The Design of PoS Dispute Resolution at Finja.Exchange

    The Design of PoS Dispute Resolution at Finja.Exchange

    Let’s start from the beginning: why do we need a dispute resolution algorithm? Disputes will always arise in P2P exchanges, either due to mistakes or malicious actions from one of the parties involved. Therefore, we require a mechanism to resolve these disputes. In traditional P2P exchanges, disputes are typically resolved by a central authority, but…

  • Hello and Welcome to Finja.Exchange

    Hello and Welcome to Finja.Exchange

    We have started this project as an experiment to make a bridge between CeFi and DeFi. Basically, we believe that centralized exchanges are not aligned with the spirit of blockchain-powered cryptocurrencies. Centralized exchanges are, well, centralized, and all crypto should be decentralized. The problem we are trying to solve The failures of big crypto projects…